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    Add to Cart122232-ABoys BasketballWampus School3rd - 3rdSa11/04/17- 03/10/18 8:30A- 9:45A$180WaitlistItem Details
    Add to Cart122232-BBoys BasketballWampus School4th - 4thSa11/04/17- 03/10/18 9:45A- 11:00A$180WaitlistItem Details
    Add to Cart122232-CBoys BasketballCrittenden School5th - 6thSa11/04/17- 03/10/18 9:00A- 10:30A$210WaitlistItem Details
    Add to Cart122232-EBoys BasketballCrittenden School7th - 8thSa11/04/17- 03/10/1810:30A- 12:00P$210WaitlistItem Details
    Add to Cart122233-CGirls Pee Wee BasketballComan Hill School1st - 2ndSa11/04/17- 03/10/1811:00A- 12:00P$150AvailableItem Details
    Add to Cart122234-BBoys Pee Wee BasketballComan Hill School1st - 2ndSa11/04/17- 03/10/1810:00A- 11:00A$150AvailableItem Details
    Read Notice212157-AYouth Open GymNWP Community Center3rd - 6thTh01/04/18- 04/05/18 5:00P- 7:00P$0/$2UnavailableItem Details
    Read Notice212157-BYouth Open GymNWP Community Center2nd - 12thF01/05/18- 04/06/18 4:00P- 8:30P$0/$2UnavailableItem Details
    Read Notice212157-EYouth Open GymNWP Community Center5th - 12thSa01/06/18- 04/07/18 1:30P- 3:30P$0/$2UnavailableItem Details
    Read Notice214230-AAdult Open GymNWP Community CenterN/AM, Th01/08/18- 04/05/18 7:30P- 9:30P$0/$75UnavailableItem Details
    Add to Cart214272-AFutsal 15 years and upNWP Community CenterN/ASu01/14/18- 03/18/18 8:00A- 10:00A$63/$69WaitlistItem Details
    Read Notice221116-DMusical Munchkins 24 - 40 monthsHergenhan CenterN/ATu01/09/18- 03/06/18 9:30A- 10:15A$155/$170CancelledItem Details
    Read Notice221116-EMusical Munchkins 14 - 23 monthsHergenhan CenterN/ATu01/09/18- 03/06/1810:30A- 11:15A$155/$170CancelledItem Details
    Read Notice221116-FMusical Munchkins 4 - 13 monthsHergenhan CenterN/ATu01/09/18- 03/06/1811:30A- 12:15P$155/$170CancelledItem Details
    Read Notice221117-ADrama Bee 3 - 5 years1 Labriola Ct ArmonkN/ATu01/09/18- 03/06/1810:30A- 11:15A$200/$225CancelledItem Details
    Add to Cart221117-CDrama Bee 3 - 5 years1 Labriola Ct ArmonkN/ASa01/13/18- 03/17/18 9:30A- 10:15A$200/$225WaitlistItem Details
    Add to Cart221120-ALittle Dance 3 - 5 yearsHergenhan CenterN/AF01/12/18- 05/04/18 1:45P- 2:30P$220/$258AvailableItem Details
    Add to Cart221120-A1Little Dance 3 - 5 yearsHergenhan CenterN/AF01/12/18- 05/04/1812:45P- 1:30P$220/$258AvailableItem Details
    Add to Cart221148-AArt Adventure 2 - 5 yearsHergenhan CenterN/AF01/12/18- 03/09/18 1:30P- 2:15P$100/$115AvailableItem Details
    Add to Cart221152-AAlphabet Soup 4 years (for children currently enrolled in a 4's class and entering Kindergarten in September 2018)Hergenhan CenterN/ATu01/09/18- 03/13/18 1:00P- 2:00P$170/$187AvailableItem Details
    Add to Cart221159-AGymnastics 3 - 5 yearsHergenhan CenterN/ATu01/09/18- 03/06/18 1:00P- 1:45P$215/$230AvailableItem Details
    Add to Cart221290-ATot-Plus-One Tennis 2 - 3 years with ParentHergenhan CenterN/ATh01/11/18- 02/15/18 1:00P- 1:30P$165/$182AvailableItem Details
    Add to Cart221290-DTot Tennis 3 - 5 yearsCrittenden SchoolN/ASa01/06/18- 03/10/1810:00A- 10:45A$220/$242AvailableItem Details
    Add to Cart221291-AGolf 3 - 5 yearsHergenhan CenterN/AF01/12/18- 03/09/18 2:45P- 3:30P$164/$180AvailableItem Details
    Add to Cart221771-CLittle Chefs 3 - 5 yearsHergenhan CenterN/AW01/10/18- 03/07/18 1:30P- 2:15P$105/$115WaitlistItem Details
    Add to Cart222120-ALittle Dance Grade K and Grade 1 NEW TO DANCEComan Hill SchoolKinder - 1stW01/10/18- 04/25/18 3:15P- 4:30P$249AvailableItem Details
    Add to Cart222120-BLittle DanceVaries3rd - 5thVaries01/12/18- 05/04/18Varies$249AvailableItem Details
    Add to Cart222120-CLittle Dance Grade 1 WITH EXPERIENCE - Grade 2Coman Hill School1st - 2ndTh01/11/18- 04/26/18 3:15P- 4:30P$249AvailableItem Details
    Add to Cart222152-BMagicHergenhan Center3rd - 5thM01/08/18- 03/12/18 3:45P- 4:30P$160/$175AvailableItem Details
    Read Notice222152-CFashion for KidsHergenhan CenterKinder - 2ndTu01/09/18- 03/06/18 3:45P- 4:45P$158/$173CancelledItem Details
    Add to Cart222155-ACreative ClayHergenhan Center1st - 2ndM01/08/18- 03/12/18 3:45P- 4:45P$160/$176WaitlistItem Details
    Add to Cart222155-BCreative ClayHergenhan Center1st - 2ndTu01/09/18- 03/06/18 3:45P- 4:45P$160/$176WaitlistItem Details
    Add to Cart222155-B1Young PottersHergenhan Center3rd - 4thTh01/11/18- 03/08/18 3:45P- 4:45P$160/$176WaitlistItem Details
    Add to Cart222155-CCreative ClayHergenhan CenterKinder - 2ndW01/10/18- 03/07/18 3:45P- 4:45P$160/$176WaitlistItem Details
    Add to Cart222164-AParent/Child Drawing and PaintingHergenhan Center1st - 8thSa01/13/18- 03/17/1810:00A- 11:30A$250/$275AvailableItem Details
    Add to Cart222164-BParent/Child Drawing and PaintingHergenhan Center1st - 8thSa01/13/18- 03/17/1811:30A- 1:00P$250/$275WaitlistItem Details
    Add to Cart222164-CAdvanced Drawing and PaintingHergenhan Center5th - 12thSa01/13/18- 03/17/1811:30A- 1:00P$200/$220WaitlistItem Details
    Add to Cart222185-AAdventures in the Art Zone - "Imagination Station"Hergenhan CenterKinder - 6thM01/08/18- 03/12/18 3:45P- 5:00P$280/$308WaitlistItem Details
    Add to Cart222185-BAdventures in the Art Zone - "Creatures Great and Small"Hergenhan CenterKinder - 6thTu01/09/18- 03/06/18 3:45P- 5:00P$280/$308WaitlistItem Details
    Add to Cart222185-CAdventures in the Art Zone - "All About Me"Hergenhan CenterKinder - 6thW01/10/18- 03/07/18 3:45P- 5:00P$280/$308WaitlistItem Details
    Add to Cart222185-DAdventures in the Art Zone - "Winter Wonders"Hergenhan CenterKinder - 6thTh01/18/18- 03/15/18 3:45P- 5:00P$280/$308WaitlistItem Details
    Add to Cart222185-EAdventures in the Art Zone - "Oceans and Islands"Hergenhan CenterKinder - 6thF01/19/18- 03/16/18 3:45P- 5:00P$280/$308WaitlistItem Details
    Add to Cart222201-AKarateHergenhan Center1st - 12thM01/08/18- 03/26/18 3:45P- 5:45P$255/$281AvailableItem Details
    Add to Cart222201-B1Beginning KarateComan Hill SchoolKinder - 2ndTu01/09/18- 03/20/18 3:15P- 4:30P$205WaitlistItem Details
    Add to Cart222201-B2Karate IIComan Hill SchoolKinder - 12thTu01/09/18- 03/20/18 4:30P- 6:00P$225AvailableItem Details
    Read Notice222202-AOpen KarateHergenhan Center1st - 12thTh01/11/18- 03/22/18 3:45P- 5:45P$255/$281CancelledItem Details
    Add to Cart222272-AAfter-School HoopsComan Hill School1st - 2ndW01/10/18- 02/14/18 3:15P- 4:45P$188AvailableItem Details
    Add to Cart222272-CAfter-School HoopsComan Hill SchoolKinder - KinderF01/12/18- 02/16/18 3:15P- 4:45P$188WaitlistItem Details
    Add to Cart222272-DAfter-School LacrosseComan Hill SchoolKinder - 2ndTh01/11/18- 02/15/18 3:15P- 4:45P$188AvailableItem Details
    Add to Cart222290-ATennisCrittenden SchoolKinder - 2ndSa01/06/18- 03/10/1811:00A- 11:45A$220WaitlistItem Details
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